Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Top Ten Reasons I Blog

10. I can't waste all my time on Facebook.

9.  Fergie is so 2008 and I am so 2000 and late.

8.  Writing with a pen is only for my signature.

7.  I stubbornly resisted myspace, Facebook & Twitter. I had no choice but to eventually join the blogosphere.

6.  My mama has encouraged me to blog for years. I listened to her, finally.

5.  I need a creative outlet that allows for constant distractions and interruptions.

4.  I like to read other people's blogs so I naturally thought, "Hey, why don't I do that?"

3.  How else am I going to dispose of all the useless thoughts floating around in my head?

2. Toddlers can only handle so many opinions and stories per day. Also, age appropriate content limits our discussions. 

1. Do you have a better way for me to inflict my opinions on the universe?