Saturday, November 13, 2010

Say YES to NO

Paul and I work under the motto, "Believe it and it is yours." We believed he was going to get a new job in a new location, so he did. In fact, I believed it so much that I began pulling myself away from my volunteer duties at church and I purposely tiptoed out of the auditorium when parents were supposed to sign up for PTA committees.

Now that we are in Brownstown, my eyes are beginning to twitch at the thought of the bazillion volunteer prospects lining up for me. After all, I stay at home so my schedule is completely open. Well, it's sort of completely open. I have two little variables that are the proverbial monkey wrenches in the majority of my plans a.k.a. Thing 1 and Thing 2. The Big Sister is very flexible and well-adjusted so I don't really consider her a variable. She's old enough now that she just busses and carpools everywhere (A harder adjustment for me than I'd ever admit. I'm used to carting her everywhere).

I will be involved in church and at Big Sister's school, however, I realize that when you say yes to something you're really saying no to another. So I only say yes to things that I can do from home or at my leisure. You need cookies? YES. You need a casserole? YES. You need me to be there at 5 and pick up two other kids along the way? Um, I'm not sure I can do that. How about I send some snacks? Yes, I realize that food is my major donation. I like to make food or things in general. Posters for the basketball tournament? I'm your girl.

Say yes to no. Remember: you want to create a better life for you. It's not worth stressing out about the next PTA meeting when you'd rather just have a decent evening at home with your family.