Thursday, November 4, 2010

Multitasking... schmultitasking

I've been sleeping like the dead and waking like a zombie for about a week now. I've got a bit of a cold that has been dragging me down. Waking with sleep in my eyes, and a dull ache coursing through me head-to-toe, I shuffle down to the bathroom to wash my face, a temporary fix until I can reach the coffee pot. The only comforts I have are (of course) coffee and a hot shower. I have a tendency to instantly fall asleep with cold medications. With 2 little ones, I don't like to rely on anything but extra strength Tylenol. One morning, I decided to shower with the curtain cracked while Thing 1 and Thing 2 played within arm's reach in front of the shower. You should know that the shower is near a low window, covered with a roman shade. As I walked past the window and started to enter the shower, Thing 1 (the most dexterous one) managed to pop the shade open. Oh well, aren't toddlers known for ill-timing. While Thing 1 commented on the scenery, "Oh, look! It's the backyard. There's the doggies." I scrambled out of view and wrapped up in a towel. Thing 2 was at the window now pointing and cooing at the dogs. Conveniently, a crew of men were within view preparing to unload grain at the dairy farm next door. Already in a lovely mood, I fussed at the Things to stay away from the window and to play nicely. They minded thankfully and the rest of the day I wondered if the neighbors got a free show.

You thought I would've learned my multi-tasking shower lesson but I gave it another shot tonight. Thing 1, Thing 2 and I all needed to bathe, so I thought we'd try a little adventure. In a cramped photo booth of a shower, I held Thing 2 while Thing 1 played in the bottom. It really didn't work out perfectly for any of us, but you never know until you try. For example, I found out that I could hang onto Thing 2 while showering, Thing 1 found out not to stand behind me too closely and Thing 2 found out she isn't fond of showers. Well, sometimes you gotta make mistakes so you know never to do it again.