Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rita Rita Runken

Gigi Keller sings a sweet little Norsk rhyme to her great-grandchildren. As best as I know, it's about 2 small doggies. Paul recorded her reciting it and I asked her to help me copy it down. Enjoy!


Rita rita runken
Hessen needa brunken
Sawda vada silka peada 
Da peada vor da nesta vee
Da vadamen hamen
Two small hoona
Ana seida bo...
Ana seida bo...
A bo wo wo!

UPDATE: Gigi asked Keith Halverson for his help in translating the above. He stated via email,"The nursery rhyme you ask about must be what is called Ride, rider ranke (the toddler sitting on his/her mother’s/father’s knee like riding). It comes in different versions, and I have not succeeded in finding the one which corresponds to the version you give me in a very odd Norwegian translation. Here is a link to some of the versions that exist. A friend from Norway helped me with the song. I hope this is some help."