Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ordinary Life or a Fairy Tale?

Our Fairy Tale Family by Emily

Bedtime at our house has been like a fairy tale.

The eldest princess has been so busy that she doesn't have to be reminded to go to bed. She plops into bed like Sleeping Beauty and waits for her precious prince...I mean phone to wake her.

Our princess with the golden locks sleeps propped up on piles of pillows, blankets, books and toys. Just like the sleepy crown wearer in the Princess and the Pea, she must be a real princess because she isn't bothered by the books and tiny toys that get wedged underneath her.

The porcelain princess with the innocent blue eyes has been scampering about the house like a little mouse. I woke one morning to find the kitchen light on and the bread box open. I had my suspicions but last night I caught her sitting at the kitchen table nibbling bread. I didn't give her any broth and I didn't whip her soundly. I just let her finish the bread and sent her to bed.

Finally, the littlest princess has been fighting sleep until midnight or later. I think we’ll quit reading Cinderella. Maybe she’s terrified of turning into a pumpkin.